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Ps3.differences Us version & europe?


Hey.hopefukky anyone can halp me with my question.

i was wondering if it is possible to buy a ps 3 game in the usa and than play it on my pas3 in germany.because i think they do have a differnet system though don’t they? I mean i can’t even play normal dvd’S on my computer because everything is so different? and if the games might not work you think one of these wireless controllers would work?

I would like to buy that stuff here because it’s sooo much cheaper but if it doesn’t work it’s not helping me at all.and it’s kind of difficult to give it back after i returned to germany.

hope ypu can help me



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  1. Sony has decided to not regoin code PS3 games. So far, third-parties have followed Sony’s lead on this. So currently, yes, any PS3 game will work on any PS3, regardless of region.

    Sony has not required third-parties to continue doing this, though, so some PS3 games might get region coded in the future.

  2. They are all region free, any PS3 bought anywhere can be played everywhere worldwide(It should be like this!!)and I’m sure that goes for the software also!!

  3. The PS3 is not region coded, so you can play any game from any country. I bought Wangan Midnight (JP) and played it on my US 80GB PS3, and it worked no problems. I just need to work on my Japanese. ;D

    Since the PS3 game disks (blu ray) arent region coded, you can play any one. As for the movies, ps2. ps1 games etc, they are region coded.

    PS3 games- no region code

    Blu Ray movies – region coded.

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