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PS3 12GB Enough for FIFA 14 OR FIFA World Cup 2014?


I am actually thinking of getting the world cup game rather than fifa 14. My question though is if that one game will be able to be played on a 12gb ps3?

Disk based not digital download cause i know digital downloads take up quite a lot of space but if its disk than all it needs is room for saving the game and whatever updates EA will release for the fifa world cup game. Thats more than enough on 12 gb ps3 right?


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  1. for only one game, sure. As long as the game is disc and not download. Also, apps like netflix, the systems OFW itself and data for disk based games take up memory as well. (all games download some data to the hdd to reduce boot-up times) You will more accurately only have 11gbs

  2. those two games require approx 4 GB each for the game install plus some memory for updates , the 12GB model has just over 8GB usable memory after the format and will lose some for the system software update and any apps you download

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