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Price to sell my xbox?


I’m asking where to sell my Xbox 360 Elite Final Fantasy XIII including my games ( call of duty blackops, gears of war 1, final fantasy XIII, assassins creed 1 and brotherhood, lost planet and battlestation pacific). As my previous question was answered by Mike C. Not to sell it at gamestop, should I sell it to best buy cause I’m too lazy to sell on ebay and ship it off or amazon cause I want a ps3( any gb enough to play a lot of games example is 250) a bluetooth, Uncharted Drake Forturne 2, Call of duty black ops, and assasins creed brotherhood. You guys might be saying that I’m stupid since I’m buying the games over but the only reason I’m doing this is because my friends have ps3.

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  1. Use Craigslist. You can meet in your own town and sell it off. I’m imagining its the 250gb right? Gamestop does suck. They only give 60 for the system! the games all together would only fetch around 40 bucks so 100 overall at gamestop. Maybe try asking 250? That seems reasonable for a used xbox with games seeing how brand new is 300.

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