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Please Help!?!? How do I Connect My PS3 to my Monitor?


I know i can use a HDMI-DVI cable for picture. But the problem is the sound. My monitor doesn’t have built-in sound and i dont have speakers for my pc (I use USB headphones).

What do I have to do and but to get my PS3’s sound?

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  1. a pretty bad situation.

    if you have a hi-fi it may have Aux-in ports, you cna use the red n white cables that came with the ps3 to put in there, just make surre to change the sound setttings to output thregh composite/RCA not HDMI.

    Anther option woudl be to get a blutooth headset, try to get a stereo headset, not a hand-s free kit, or you will be left with only getting sound in one ear.

  2. go into you ps3 settings and then go to visual settings or something like that to set your screen resoulution then go to audio set then try all of the settings.

    Or you can get like a surround sound then get the red, white and yellow cords connect the TV to the out in the back then go into the surround sound, stereo, etc. then turn on the audio device yo got it sent into

    Or it could be simply turn up the volume

    Or what you can do is connect the ps3 to the TV with an HDMI cord than plug the Red, white yellow cord into the ps3 and run it to an audio device and turn on the audio device it should work

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