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Please help, did my xbox break?


A month ago, I had my xbox 360 on for about 20 hours and it overheated. I saw red lights (I forgot how many) flash on the xbox. I turned the console off and haven’t turned it on since. Now I turned it on and it works fine without any errors. Will this red flashing lights problem return or has this issue been resolved? I need to know, because I am planning on getting a game for xbox soon and I don’t want to get it just to have my xbox break again. All suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. there is a metal valve inside the xbox connected to a series of LED bulbs and when it gets overheated- the property of metals takes place – metals expand on heating, so while expanding it breaks the circuit of the led bulbs causing it to be glowing.the children think it is a precaution and they turn the xbox off.than when it is turned off the metal contracts and it again connects to the circuit causing it to be normal

    so there is no need to worry about it

  2. If it works fine, then I wouldn’t expect it to happen again (unless of course you leave it on for to long again) I would recommend you go out to gamestop, or some game/electronic store and buying a fan for it (ask the employee’s about a fan for 360, they’ll know what you’re talking about)

  3. Is it the red ring of death if so you should try and restart it by turning it off at the wall, but if that doesnt work you probs will hve 2 give it in 🙁

  4. I dont think your xbox will break. This happens to me so many times. the first time this happen to me, I bump into my xbox which then the red lights came on, when i saw those red ligths, my eyes open wide and my heart start poundin. I was so freakin scared! so i turn it off and back on. And its fix. I think if i can remember how many times the i bump into my xbox and over heat is, about 8.

    To make sure your xbox will not ruin your new game, you need to put a game that you dont like and let it play for about 5 minutes. Then take it off and see if it had new scratches in it

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