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Playstation network grief reporting?


Basically, this guy sent me a photo via playstation network and added a message to it, it was very offensive to me. I grief reported the message with the attached photo and labelled it under discrimination and racial. Will sony deal with offensive photos or do they just deal with offensive language etc. Thanks for reading.

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  1. did you know Sony stoled STAPLE trademark the easy button before STAPLE made a easy button? It’s called “block user”

  2. If it’s the first time someone has reported that user, then most likely it will be ignored. When he gets reported by enough people, whether for the same thing or not, he will be either suspended or banned.

  3. Depends if you are the only person who reported then nothing will happen.But if there is a bunch of people his/her account will be ban

  4. I don’t know how Sony deals with grief reports but like you I myself have received vile messages and pics as well but I just resend back with my own message!

    Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire!

  5. The report is sent to modderators for review and if found “guilty” he will be penalized for it.Like others said,you need more than 1 person on most occasions to have some one get banned for bad behaviour.If hes found guilty of discriminiation/racial its usually an automatic ban.Some things they put up with more than others.Illegal activity,modding,and racial things are more serious to them while cussing,glitching and spamming are less serious.

    From posts on the internet over years that Ive been on,information has leaked that you have 3 strikes on your account before you get banned(not neccessarily a permanent one) and the strikes last forever on the account.Racial things like you’ve said can actually outway that typical punishment system.

    Keep in mind,you cannot have friends help you “ban” this person.This would be ganging up and is a violation of Playstation Network.

    To report behaviour other than messages(Grief reporting on the XMB menu) go to http://www.ps3reporting.com–sign in required.(This is the official Sony reporting tool to use on the internet)

    Other games have reporting feautures like Little Big Planet which has a report feature neamed “good grief”.All Call of Duty Titles have them to–Go to their player card and report them there.PS Home has reporting too.As well as the PSVITA–Group messaging.

    Here are some videos of how to report players on PSN

    [url is not allowed].

    [url is not allowed]. This is the internet report feature.

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