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Playstation giving away $10?


Before someone says this is a scam I already looked into this and it is legit. Okay so i just got out of the shower earlier and I realized I had an email waiting for me on my phone. It was from playstation network telling me that i have been given $10 on my account. It says that it must be redeemed before March 5th and it says that they messaged me the link on my playstation, or I can follow the link in the email. HOWEVER. there is no link in the email and there is no message on my ps3 regarding any of this. I just want my ten bucks 🙁 Anyone know anything about this? Should I get a message soon later today?

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  1. I dunno, try signing in again and make sure you’re connecting to the PSN network, not just signing into your account. Also it might only be US, what PSN do you connect to?

    And no, it’s not a scam. I got the message on my PSN account the other day, you click on the message and it auto-boots the PSN Store and gives you the $10.

  2. Still a scam. Email can be spoofed. Sony doesn’t just give people free PSN cash, and if they did, they could just add it to your account with a message on your PS3, not an email with a link to click:

    [url is not allowed].

  3. I got the same message regarding the 10 dollars but however I received and opened the message on my ps3. It may have already been added to your wallet so check on psn

  4. I didn’t get an email just a message when I logged in my ps3. The message was about thank you for being a loyal customer. The message had an attatchment that loads you into the store to add the $10 to your wallet. Thanks sony for buying star wars pinball.

    They also currently have a promotion going that you get $10 for I believe every $60 you spend before April.

  5. They are giving out the ten dollars (SONY) but only to people who have spent a certain amount of money on the store. I got it but not through email just by a message on my PSN and link.

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