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Playstation consoles and TV!!?


So i have this great 52 inch tv. and i wanna be able to watch movies from netflix on it.

i saw that one of my friends has it all hooked up with a ps3.

does it have to be a ps3? can it be a ps2? or is there any other cables i can use to view netflix on my tv from my laptop or internet?

please tell me what cables i would need :]

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  1. PS2 will not work. PS3, Xbox360 and Wii are the only game consols that will connect. You can connect PC or Laptops to the TV with the same VGA cable normally used to connect a monitor. Some laptops have HDMI outputs that will work too. Most flat screen TVs have a PC type connection port that connects with the same type of cable a monitor uses. If you connect a PC or Laptop just make sure the computers resolution is set at a mode that the TV supports.

    BTW: the answer below is not correct, VGA cables support high defenition video.

  2. It depends on your laptop, but most will have a VGA output which will link to a similar vga in the back of your telly. Get your model numbers (TV & Laptop) and have go to an electronics shop.

  3. You don’t necessarily need a PS3 to view Netflix on your TV. If you have a Wii you could also and now I think Xbox 360 may have some sort of Netflix service. Unfortunately, the PS2 doesn’t have any type of web browser or Netflix support so that’s a no.

    From your laptop though, theres 3 options and it all depends on how old your laptop is. FIRST option is the VGA output. Many and almost all laptops come with a VGA port. That’s the trapezoid shape outlet with all the holes in it that’s either on the side or rear of your laptop. All you will need is to go to an electronics store, like Walmart or Best Buy, and buy a VGA cable it’ll be very simple packaging and usually will run from $8-$20 depending on where you go. As far as I know personally, VGA cables don’t support HD formats like 720 or 1080 so depending on whatever resolutions your TV supports you may lose quality.

    SECOND option would be an HDMI port. It’s pretty much standard now for newer laptops to come with an HDMI out port. It resembles a small thin trapezoid shape and will also either be on the side or rear near the USB ports. HDMI cables can be VERY costly, usually ranging from $20-$100, but the picture quality is amazing since it will be high definition (if movie is HD format either 720P or 1080P).

    THIRD option would be to spend a ridiculous amount of $$ on a box that you connect to your TV with an HDMI cable where you can wirelessly stream movies to your TV. I wouldn’t recommend this option UGH too much $$. I forgot the name of the box but if you walk into Best Buy they will have a display.

    I personally have a 60″ Mitsubishi DLP TV and use HDMI since my HP laptop has an output on the side and i have a 12′ cable.

    Sorry for the long answer just want to make sure you are informed. ALSO, don’t forget to check behind your TV and see which cables are even supported. My 60″ doesn’t even have a VGA port so your decision may already be made by your TV before you even get to debate. GOOD LUCK 🙂

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