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Playstation 3 60GB or 80GB(CECHE01)?


Well I’m stuck in descion between 60GB model and 80GB(CECHE01#) model. Because I heard 80GB has a lot of issues on PS2 games like graphics and what not I dunno. I’m just worried that it’ll effect my Playstation 2 games along with my PS ones as well. But I heard the company aka Sony will update the software order to fix the bugs and all that. But I heard 60GB has Emotion Engine(a chip that PS3 consule use to play old PS games and it worked perfectly fine!) So I’d figured all PS2 games will work fine. So I’m stuck choosing between both of them.

I’m thinking of getting 60GB one. But 80GB will update and maybe the games will update/bugs issues fixed.

But just let you know I deeply care about PS/PS2 backward games to work perfect fine with no bug issues or whosoever.

Thanks! Hear your thoughts!

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  1. If you know the 60GB will work better for your PS2 games go with that one, its cheaper, and unless your an online downloading fanatic the extra 20GB won’t matter at all.

  2. You’re talking about old 80GB. It plays only 70% of PS2 games (NTSC 60GB plays almost 100%, PAL 60GB plays ~70%). It’s because NTSC 60GB has two chips from PS2 (CPU and GPU), while PAL 60GB and NTSC 80GB have only PS2’s GPU chip. New 80GB doesn’t play PS2 games at all. Also it has only 2 USBs and no card reader.

  3. the 60GB is the best. it can play pretty much ALL PS2 games, where as the 80GB can’t. it will play them, but not as many as the 60GB.

    all PS3’s can play PS1 games.

    there is no update that will make the original 80GB play more PS2 games, just as there is no update to make the 40GB, new 80GB, and the new 160GB play PS2 games.

    the link below will tell you what, if any, issues the 60GB and the original 80GB have with PS2 games.

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