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Playstation 1 lovers help?


I had a demo game as a kid and it was orange had a bunch of demos on it. A few of them were a tony hawk game midevil threads of fate toomba wwe game spyro riptos rage. crash team racing. If anyone can name that disc ill love you forever

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  1. Check out this website friend. [url is not allowed]. It seems to contain all demo with details on each on. You may be able to find them on amazon or eBay. Remember this ps1 demo will play on psx, ps2 and ps3( psx is ps1) you can download full psx game using a ps3 and Internet. Or you can download a psx emulator and the game on PC a play off PC for free at cool rom.com or it could be coolroms.com. Also at romhustler.com. Love me lol

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