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Play PS2 Backups?


Is there anyway (without buying anything) that i can play ps2 backups (burned games) on my PS2? (i have the larger one, not the slim) I don’t really want to buy swap magic or anything like that. I do have a bunch of ps2 games a slide-card some old ps1 games some blank DVDs and i also have the swap-magic 3.6 software burnt on a DVD but it doesn’t work. I’ve heard something about a trigger disk but i couldn’t find much info on it.

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  1. I really think you have to mod your PS2 (I did hear of one thing, but it was just as involved as modding it anyway. But in my opinion, it is not worth it. Used PS2 games are from 3.99-14.99 usually.so they are dirt cheap. If you mess with your PS2, you invalidate the warranty, and run the risk of ruining the machine. Some games refuse to play after the machine is Modded.so why bother?

    Just by used games.

  2. You’ll need a modchip to be able to play “burned games”

    You can find more information online, but modchips are soldered right into your PS2, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you could possibly ruin your system.

    Find someone that either installs modchips, or someone that knows there way around the schematics of a PS2 and knows a thing or two abotu soldering.

    By the this is all illegal, so be careful if you choose to find a modchip.

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