Home Playstation Forum On sims 3 ps3 how do you play as your character?

On sims 3 ps3 how do you play as your character?


Please help! I just got this game and I don’t like the green bar thing so how can you actually play as your character!. Big disappointment!!.

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  1. I agree with you, it is a big disappointment, I asked this question on here when The Sims 3 had been first out, you can’t play as the character; you have to use the cursor, people say you can change the color of it but I haven’t tried. I stopped playing it for awhile because of that, Sims 2 seems to have been better because there’s also not a story mode anymore in The Sims 3 like there was in The Sims 2. Sure you can do more things, but sometimes it not as fun. What I basically think of it personally is that they just made it like the computer game for The Sims 2 use to be where you can’t play as the character, and just put it on console.

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