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ok so ive had problems with my hdd harddrive before(xbox 360). meaning ive had to format it because my profile?


ok so ive had problems with my hdd hard drive before(xbox 360). meaning ive had to format it because my profile went missing. i understand how everything works and why when i called microsoft they couldn’t give me a real answer for why i lost my profile. except for some bs about turning it off in the middle of saving or whatever. i always take care of my xbox. who wouldn’t its so fragile lol.anyway the last time i tried to get my saved games off before i formated but wasn’t able to because it didn’t have the hard drive listed so.i had to format and everything was fine but i lost my 400 hours of fallout 3.not cool.so this time i turn on my xbox to watch a movie i had just downloaded the day before from zune.but to my suprise my profile was gone.so i went through all that checks and came to the conclusion that i had to once again format the damn thing.but this time i did not see any corrupted files and i was able to access the hard drive to see what i still had on it.so i have a sandisk sansa mp3 player.i transferred the saved games i wanted to keep aka fallout new vegas.and at first it would not let me.it said you cant transfer these between profiles.which i wasn’t trying to just trying to salvage what i can so i can put it back on the same damn profile it came from later.so i went to the hard drive and pressed y in doing this it brought up transfer content and let me select what i wanted to transfer aka avatar items saved games etc.and i did.so long story short.i formated my hardrive and when it came to put the saves back the damn xbox doesn’t see whats on my usb device. but i know they are there.so i tried connecting it to my pc to see if i can see whats wrong and it says its full 7.2gbs full.how? i only transferred like 50mb at most wtf! so needless to say im pissed 52 hours of new vegas are gone unless someone can help me out.i don’t know how to get my saves off my sansa because the xbox wants to format it.and not customize it.:(

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  1. sounds to me like you have been a victum of the infamous j-tag. the only thing I can recommend trying is using the “Clear System Cache” option. And in the future dont accept random invites to parties, becuase this is the main way the people with j-tags mess with peoples accounts. sorry I cant really help.

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