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Official Sony PS3 headset having late reactions!?


bought official sony ps3 headset and synced it by USB cable connecting it to the top of the headset directly. I notice that when i speak to friends i can hear myself and i know that happens. But i hear myself through their headset about 2 seconds after i say something and they respond right after the echo. i did a test: they say hello and i say hello right after i hear theirs. i heard my echo and it was 2 seconds late but they can only hear the echo and respond to the echo. its as if my earpiece is working but the mic is late and my friends is fine all around, they just receive my voice input late but i receive their inputs live. confusing stuff. please try to help! appreciate any efforts!

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  1. its not necessarily your fault. first off, the echo is caused by the other person having they’re headset volume up pretty high and having a sensitive mic. making their mic pick up the sound of your voice coming out of their headset. and the 2 seconds delay could be caused by any of these things:

    1. slow server speed causing a delay (probably about 1 sec delay for the sound 2 reach the other person but then 1 sec 2 send back so adds up to 2 seconds. you also have to count in reaction times).

    2. You or the other person have a slow connection.

    3. You or the other person have NAT type 3 which does cause voice chat delay and other connection issues. (you want NAT type 2) to find out what NAT type you have, go to Network Settings and go to Status. It will say your NAT type. If it is 3, you need to open these ports on your router:

    TCP: 80, 443, 5223

    UDP: 5223, 3478, 3479, 3658

    if you dont know how to open ports on your router, go to this page [url is not allowed]. and find your router. click on any random game and follow the steps and replace the tutorial ports with the ones above

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