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Official Playstation 3 Surround Sound Question?


I have a few questions about the new Playstation Surround Sound System Bar.

How good is the sound quality when it comes to playing games and blu- rays?

What is highest channel? 5.1 or 7.1?

Is it crystal clear when it comes to blu- rays?

Is it easy to hook and use or do I Need to purchase additional accessories?

Approximeatly how long is it? by feet.

Last but not least, is it worth it?

Thank you so much, and happy holidays! (:

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  1. Its 1.0 highest channel. If it’s produced by sony, then it has to be good with the PS3 I don’t think its really worth it. It is crystal-clear but like I said any high-tech brand named surround sound sytem should be crystal-clear

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