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No HDMI cable on my XBOX 360?


My Xbox 360 does not have the HDMI port on the back, I bought a HDMI cable the other day come home to hook it up to my LCD TV, and no place to plug it in! So what do I do to have HDMI, could I use the analog cables to my surround sound and just use the HDMI that goes from surround sound to tv?

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  1. You could get a component cable which is just like HDMI for your xbox 360. Component cables will give great video quality as well as sound quality. The component cables have to be designed for the 360 though so you can’t just buy any brand. However, the component cables will work on any tv.

    Check em out.

    [url is not allowed].

    Hope that helped!

  2. Older model Xbox 360’s do not have an HDMI output. Simple enough, you just can’t use one on your system. Mine is the same way. Only the newest 360 Pro models, and the Elite models have the HDMI output. Hope that helps.

  3. HD Component Cables (Green, Red, Blue) and HDMI Cables give the same picture and sound result. and i think the HDMI cables are only for the Xbox Elite

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