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New Xbox Experience Question?


When I download my Xbox 360 games onto my hard drive, the loading times are indeed reduced, but when I play a game that I downloaded onto the hard drive, do I still need to put the game disc in the tray?

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  1. Legion and awild27 are both right, you still need the disc to play the game. I just wanted to add the ‘proof’ so to speak from xbox.com.

    *Copy your retail games to the hard drive so you can jump into the game even quicker than before!^

    ^Available after you update to the New Xbox Experience, and you’ll still need the game disc in the tray to play your game.*

  2. Yes, they did that to ensure you just didn’t rent a game and rip it to your hard drive. It is supposed to just increase load times and take the work off of the dvd drive.

  3. Yes, you still need the disk as proof that you own the game. It’s easy for someone to rent or borrow a game, download it to the hard drive, and play the game, all without paying for the game. That’s not going to cut it with developers.

  4. Yes. your xbox will play the game from your hard drve, but the disc still needs to be in.

    About 7gb goes to your hard drive, whereas the games are 20gb big.

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