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My xbox wont play games?


Ok well today i tried to play a game on my xbox and my xbox is pretty bad but it has never done this. Usually it starts up and makes a noise like a computer would when you turn it on, like the fan and you could here the fan and it would make noise but today it was really quit and wouldnt play any games.

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  1. I’ve had this problem before, your xbox seems to be infested with micro mice (tiny little electronic animals) which are programmed to enter your xbox and block the fan. the owners of xbox created these to increase sales on their products. when you buy a new xbox, it has a tracking device inside, and after about a month, the tracker switches on automatically, and the micro mice flock to the pin pointed location. after it blocks your fan, your xbox over heats which renders it useless. a very clever way of making someone buy a new xbox.

    solution: buy a cat or 5 and train it to use your xbox as the “litter box”. the micro mice’s natural instinct is to flee from cats so when it sees the feline, it won’t go anywhere near the xbox. note, this might maker your cat become “attracted” to the xbox, and it could do “explicit” stuff to your xbox.

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