Home Xbox Forum My xbox has been repaired! but I got questions?

My xbox has been repaired! but I got questions?


Ok I sent my xbox in to repair because of the three red rings

My xbox is is being sent back today after 2 weeks.

How many days will it take to get back?

Give your most accurate answer and the lucky winner get the best answer thingy

Oh ya how do I check where my xbox is on UPS after they ship it?

Because once your xbox has been received by Microsoft there is no more info to give on it from UPS because Microsoft makes makes a new shipment, or is there no way at all

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  1. Ok well Depending on where you live (Im in CA) and they ship from texas it took them 4 days to get to me my most accurate guess is 3-5 days. You can go to the UPS site or call them and enter your tracking number of the label you got (if you kept a copy I didnt) and they will tell you the location

  2. i lasted me about two weeks to get mine back. i thought it wouldve taken about three weeks but no they shipped it to my house in under the two week deadline. i dont know about ur situation of the ups thingy though. i dont understand what ur saying?

  3. Go to : [url is not allowed]

    You can check your repair status (you may need your serial number if you didn’t register your Xbox) and it will tell you the ship back tracking number.

    When I was tracking mine back it seemed stalled in Texas forever and suddenly it was delivered. they pretty much shipped it back one business day after it got there so figure the same amount of time it took to get there to get back + a couple of days.

    For me it took just about exactly 2 weeks total from when I shipped it to when I got it back.

    Good luck.

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