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My XBOX 360 wireless controller is dead.?


I bought a used XBOX 360 for my son and the wireless controler is now dead what can I buy to recharge it? Can I buy a new battery pack?

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  1. my 360 controller takes 2 AA batts. they should go in if the batt. pack thing is *!! show it to a person in a game store and they ll help!!

  2. It sounds like it’s just the batteries that have died. Try the following:

    Replace the two existing AA with new ones

    OR if that doesn’t work:

    Buy a Quick Charge Kit and put the battery pack that comes with it into the controller

    Then press and hold the Guide button (the silver button with the Green X) and see if it turns on. You can then check battery power by pressing the Guide button and looking at the battery icon on the top left on the menu that comes up.

    Failing any of that ring 1-800-4 MY XBOX or visit [url is not allowed]

  3. You can either buy two double A batterys to give it power which I find extremely costly the thing will eat a bunch of them.

    Or what I do is buy a Xbox 360™ Rechargeable Battery Pack (though I bought two to keep changing them off for when one dies I can just replace it with the other and keep playing.)

    What it has is:

    Up to 25 hours of play per full battery charge

    Battery fuel gauge through the Xbox 360 dashboard

    (what you do is hit the power button on the controller once and a window will slide on from the left and I believe its the top left of it.might be top right and it shows how many bars of life you have left)

    The Charger is sold separately and its 11.99 Which is worth every penny if you put it again the batteries you are gonna buy over time to keep it alive.

    Here’s a link to the offical Xbox/360 site with the battery.

    [url is not allowed]

    You could also go to your local Gamestop(EBgames) and possibly find one used and cheaper. I saw one once in my year+ of owning a xbox 360.


    Then what you need to do is buy a charger I use the Xbox 360™ Quick Charge Kit its $29.99 since I have 2 batteries (I also have a second controller now for when a friend comes over so I use the spare battery on there.) You can charge a battery on each side and a light comes on red is chargeing green is finished.

    [url is not allowed]


    Then if you don’t want to buy the second battery you could get the Xbox 360™ Play & Charge Kit which is $19.99

    it features:


    Play & Charge Cable enables continuous gameplay


    More than 30 hours of play per charge


    Battery fuel gauge through the Xbox 360 dashboard


    Includes Play & Charge Cable and NiMH rechargeable battery pack

    If theres only one controller this is a better choice because he can hook it up to the 360 and play as it charges plus it already comes with the rechargeable battery.

    [url is not allowed]

    Some of my friends have this and it works great too.

  4. You can buy a new battery pack for 11.99 new. You can get a play and charge kit for 19.99 that comes with a battery pack and allows you to charge it while you play. it just goes into the usb slot on your xbox. or if you already have rechargeable batteries at home you can use them.

  5. If it is a battery pack with AA batteries, then just buy some new bateries. Or if you have a rechargable battery pack then you should have a cable to recharge. Here is a link to show what u might need.

    [url is not allowed].

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