Home Xbox Forum my xbox 360 just got really loud?

my xbox 360 just got really loud?


i have searched some anserws already and they all just say u have a really old xbox so its loud but the thing with mine is the ( altough it is old ) it just started to get loud right now and before it was quieter. and i mean like loud and annoying sound i dont know what it is.

if i turn my xbox of and dont play for a couple hours i turn it on and it wont make the sound for like a minute or untill i go to play a game.

before i had a problem with reading the disc it would just say open trey so i just shook it a little ( i heard that works ) and it did so every time it said open trey i just shook it while the power was off and turned it back on and it worked.

then that stopped happening like a month ago but now this thing has started is it related and what can i do? install the game?

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  1. Try installing the game to the hard drive if you think the problem is the DVD drive. That way, once the game loads, you’ll have your answer.

    If it’s not the DVD drive, then it’s probably one of the fans. They can go bad and once they do, they can get very loud because they get out of balance.

  2. you have the old original xbox 360. those are built like crap and they all break. I would sell it on craigslist.com and use that money to buy a new slim model 360, sorry

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