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My xbox 360 is not connecting to xbox live anymore. It used to work fine?


I have a xbox 360 with a single wireless adapter on. I have tried to connect to xbox live, and it doesnt work. It used to work just fine before my brother got his new xbox and moved to a different room in the house. I have tried turning my modem of, and back on and then waiting 30 seconds, and moving my xbox to a different place along with my adapter,but still no sevis. Does anybody know what this might be?

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  1. you said you turned off your modem instead of turning it off there should be a reset button try that. or you can try plugging the x box directly to the modem to see if its the router or the system. again the only way my 360 works is to reset the modem.

  2. Does your router have a MAC address filter list? If so, you’ll have to add the MAC address of the wireless adapter to the list. Also, It could be that there are too many devices connected to the network. To fix this, simply turn your computer or smartphone off when not using them.

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