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My PS3 won’t play demos.?


My PS3 does not read any disks. I replaced the blu ray drive with a functional one. Then realized you had to take the blu ray board from the broken one and put on the good one but still doesn’t work. EVEN DEMOS DON’T WORK that have been downloaded. It just goes into black screen and the PS3 becomes unresponsive. What did I do wrong and how can I fix it.

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  1. It seems like its the actual ps3, having problems with reading the Bluray data and displaying it. It may be defective, or it may be the graphics card. You might be able to send it in. Is it only when you play something displayed in Blu-Ray? If so, this is most likely the problem. If not, its definitley your ps3. It may be defective. Sending it in will probably fix it.

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