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my ps3 is so slow. how can i get full advantage of my 25 mbps speed?


why is my ps3 so slow. i have a 25 mbps on the laptop. my ps3 gets about 9 mbps. ps3 is not wireless either. would gettin a newer ps3 help me get to use all of my net

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  1. The PS3 has gigabit ethernet and has since launch. No version of the console has faster internet than any other version, so getting a new PS3 will not help.

    I have a first-generation 20GB PS3 (CECHB01), and have personally seen it transfer files over a 100Mbit switch at over 50Mbps, which I believe to have been limited due to factors outside the PS3 itself. So I can confirm that the PS3 can do much faster transfers than you are seeing.

    My guess as to why you are getting such low speeds is that the content that you are downloading is hosted on bandwidth-limited servers. I would venture a guess that if you downloaded the same files on your PC as your PS3 was downloading, the speed would be similar. It doesn’t surprise me that you would see lower speeds on PS3 content, simply due to Sony’s desire to avoid zillion-dollar-a-month backbone internet connections to support thousands of PS3s simultaneously downloading files at 25Mbps.

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