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My ps3 has trouble loading the gta 4 map?


I have a PS3 slim and I’ve had it for a few months now, so i have GTA 4 and sometimes i have trouble with the map loading, its not taking forever to load but this mostly happens when i use a helicopter and the city doesn’t have textures but it also worries me because i leave the disk overnight i want to know if anyone else has this problem too the map won’t load right or the textures aren’t right and it takes a few seconds to load, I don’t have this problem with other games , is this normal?i really don’t want this happening to gta 5

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  1. I have no problem other than a bit of clipping and the edges loading slow , but that’s normal for a game made that long ago when the developer was still learning to make games on the ps3 console – most games made 5 or 6 years ago are the same or have a large install to make the load times faster. maybe your game data is corrupted or the disc is not in good condition?

    try deleting the game data and installing it again , or check the disc.

    I’m sure gta5 will be better , not only because it’s been made recently and rockstar has learned to make a decent ps3 game that loads properly ( such as max payne 3 ) , but also because gta5 will be an 8 gig install size so a lot of the data can pre-load from the hdd instead of it all having to be read off the disc and load while you are playing

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