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My PS3 flickers when playing some DVDs?


I have a Humax LGB-17 DTTV and a 20gb PS3.

When I play games the picture is perfect all the time, but when I play some DVDs (not all for some reason!) the picture constantly flickers and then sometimes drops out and comes back.

I’ve got my PS3 connected via component (RGB), can anyone please help? Thanks!


ADAMANT – It’s connected directly to the tv, so can’t be that!

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  1. Do you have it plugged into a VCR or other peripheral, indirectly to the TV?

    You see, if the PLAYSTATION 3 is connected to a VCR or a combination TV/VCR unit, copy protection encoding on some DVDs and BDs may cause image distortion, or may cause the image to become lighter or darker.

    If so, then that may be the problem. Try plugging it DIRECTLY into the TV. If I were you I would buy an A/V cable for the PS3 and plug that in the bottom of your TV (I looked up the manual for you).

    EDIT: It’s connected directly? Huh. that’s weird. I don’t know, sorry 🙁

  2. Maybe the dvds disks are scratched or the ps3 has got some dirt inside or something im not that much of an expert but hope it helps you anyway =].

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