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My IDE hard drive play PS2 game movie so slow?


Well, I got the HDadvance retail disc then I use it to format and put a bunch of game on my IDE hard drive in hope that I could play it faster than the disc I already. To my surprise. the speed isn’t that noticable o_O, , I don’t see an increase in speed in loading time. When you load from this, you see the loading status, for hard drive. mostly I see nothing and have to wait sometime which could be from 20 second to several minute.

Movie scene in game like intro and in-between game is just ridiculous jerky slow, like those ppl mention on their usb external hd but mine is internal o_O, and 7200rpm should be faster than their official 5400rpm which they said is sufficient enough for game. So why can’t it just play normal. It’s even worse than when I play the same game on PSCSX2, at least that one try to emulate and play intro movie and ingame movie fine except a little bit slower than the disc but not too many skippy ><. I like to play RPG and this is just a turn-off, or should I just went the modchip way. Yeah, I got those old azz PS2 which is model 30001 something. Anyway, is ur hard drive acting strange or load game faster than the disc and play ingame fine?

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