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My Boyfriend lent my Xbox 360 to someone he thought he could trust and he took it to a pawn dealer.?


I got the Xbox 360 For signing up for a 2 year contract with Telus Communications in Canada. I maybe took it out of the box 3 times. I am still in the process looking for all the paperwork that came in the box but I can’t find the serial number anywhere. The jerk admitted that he took it to the pawn shop but when I went there to get it the staff member says it’s a civil dispute between me and the other guy and I would still have to pay to get it back. I thought maybe i could find the serial number somewhere else besides the obvious places like the box it came in and on the console. I tried to get it from telus and all the gave me was the tracking number from when they mailed it to me.Please if anyone has any ideas could you please help me out.I really really would appreciate it.Thank You

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  1. Gonna have to take him to court if he doesn’t buy you a new one. Civil court is the way, get a record from the pawn shop of who sold the xbox. Get a statement from the kid, without telling him its for court, like a text message, or a voice message where he is admitting to it. Then bring him to court, and get whats yours. Seems to be the only way. If not, get him to pay you without going to court.

  2. If you can prove that its your 360 then contact the police because the police can take it back from the pawn shop and give it back to you because it was a stolen item. Thats what their supposed to do but it looks like they told you something different.

  3. Did you ever use xbox live on the console?

    If you did, than you can contact Xbox customer support, and they may be able to link your serial number to the account that you use

  4. not much you can do. just learn from it, not to give you items to anyone besides family. You cant trust anyone in this world. Sadly.

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