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My 12GB PlayStation 3?


Well should i keep my 12 GB ps3 because when i stop playing games i delete the file and i only play like games that are under 1 GB of memory. Also right now I’m only playing COD:Black Ops and InFAMOUS. Btw when i put in Assasin’s Creed it said i needed 264MB left to play and when i deleted 264MB it still said i need 264MB of space left?!

Is this a glitch or what? HELP?!

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  1. How the hell is your HDD ONLY 12GB? That’s nothing. I would fill that up in less than 3 games. There’s nothing wrong with your PS3 by the way. I’ll explain everything you need to know and why. If that’s seriously what the HDD is, then that is a frigin’ rip off and three quarters because it’s an absurdly puny and pathetic amount of memory. ANYWAY! I will help you solve your problem. You have 2 options and both will work.

    1. Deleting random things you THINK will be enough will NOT necessarily be enough. Most things show up in KB (which are smaller than MB) on the PS3. If your just deleting KB, there’s no way you have enough space for Assassin’s Creed. The MAJORITY of memory taken up will come from game INSTALLS (not saves!, they are two different things.) Game installs are found in Game > Game Data Utility. You want to highlight the game you want to get rid of > click triangle > click delete > are you sure, yes. That will definitely give you enough space for sure by deleting one thing you don’t like/want to play anymore. Game saves take up the next amount. They are found in Game > Saved Data Utility (PS3). Same concept to delete as before. Delete pictures if you have any, delete friends online you don’t play with, delete all your messages online (BOTH sent and received!)

    2. If option 1 still doesn’t work, go get about $100 and your going to want to get a new (bigger) HDD for your PS3. The PS3 is compatible with a 2.5″ 5400RPM (and it MUST BE 5400RPM, NO HIGHER NO LOWER that’s REALLY important) SATA internal HDD. Go with Toshiba or Seagate as the brand (the PS3 has Toshiba in it, but Seagate offers you MORE WARRANTY for the same price and quality.) Get a 320GB HDD. Over here a Seagate one goes for $79.99 + tax which will be just under $92 total including tax. It should be pretty much the same everywhere else no matter where you live. 320GB will take a few years to fill out, so you won’t have to worry about space for a good long time after you switch it for a bigger one. You will also need a USB flash drive that has been formatted to FAT32 (and this step is important if you go with this 2nd option!) After you switch the HDD, the first time you turn the PS3 on it will tell you it cannot locate the HDD. This is what the flash drive is for. You have to put the latest update onto the flash drive and plug it into the PS3 so the PS3 can locate the update and format the HDD so it can work no problem. Really easy and straightforward to do. I will post the link for the update for you to download and put on the flash drive if you choose to use this method and I will also post a link of EXACTLY the HDD you should go with (you can of course go with anything from 120-650GB internal HDD for the PS3, but 320GB is a fantastic amount and a good price for the space.)

    [url is not allowed]. < -- The update [url is not allowed]. < -- HDD you should get, or something similar. Hope that helps.

  2. ^^ Wow exactly what she said. Maybe a bit more though.

    But yes definitely invest in a new Hard drive. Though since yours in the Super Slim PS3 it might be difficult it find.

    For the hard drive I live in Winchester and got mine from Amazon (though I have the regular slim), just make sure it ships internationally, I got it around 65 pounds

    Here shows you how to swap the hard drive once you’ve acquired it, although again since it’s the new PS3 you might have to look around for a different video. – [url is not allowed].

    Best of luck to you! 🙂

  3. You can easily replace your hard drive for a bigger size. Remember that the hard drive is not actually 12gb.

    It’s maybe 10 or so

    New ones such as a terabyte equivalent to over 1000 gb can be as cheap as 40 quid

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