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Modding Xbox gamerscore illegal in this situation?


Ok. I have 2 accounts. 1 account was a golden membership, but then expired and went down to a silver membership. This account is like ancient probably at 5 years old and my gamerscore is really high. I wanted to renew it to a golden membership again, but I forgot my Windows Live ID password. So, I decided to make a new account just for Xbox Live gameplay. I bought a 1-year golden membership for that new account, and I’ve been getting unexpected achievements and wasn’t too happy about it either because I wanted all my achievements to add up to my old account. So, on my Xbox Live (new account), I got like maybe 2,000Gamerpoints and I wanted to transfer those points to my other gamertag.

I called Xbox Support about that, they said that’s not possible. I wasn’t too happy. So, I decided to “Mod” my NEW Xbox Live gamertag and give it ALL the achievements I unlocked in my old account. So, you can say, it’s sort of transferring because I only picked the achievements I actually unlocked in the past and nothing new. In fact, I have less achievements because not all of the secret achievements weren’t even showing up on the “modding” program unfortunately.

What if Microsoft finds out? Will they ban my account? Isn’t this an acceptable reason to do this?

Please give me your opinion, thanks.

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  1. Modding is modding no matter how you try to justify it. You could have paid for Gold on the other account instead. Xbox Support could have helped you recover the email address for it and it’s listed under your account info on your console if the account is stored there. When caught, you will be reset to 0 and can never re-earn those achievements. You will also be labeled as a cheater in your gamer zone forever so everyone else can see.

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