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Madden 07 question?


I have madden 07 for Xbox.im on pursuit for all the madden cards.i have most of the cards.but their are these one cards that i just cant get.they have a golden trophy on iit.when i click on them they say. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE (teams name) GAME SITUATION TO GET THIS CARD.i went the GAME MODES then i went to the PRACTICE and then to SITUATION.and i set it up for the team i wanted to be and i won the game.but the teams thing still isnt unlocked.PLEASE HELP ME!!

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  1. When you go to Game Modes go to the Mini-Camp instead of Practice. Mini-Camp has all the spring training drills sorted by skill level. Each team has a specific drill for one of their star players. Once you complete the Drill, you will unlock the Game Situation that you’re looking for. Then win that Game Situation to unlock the card.

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