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Madcatz Headset for PS3?


I got my headset by madcatz from best buy about three days ago and ever since i had it it has been plugged up to the PlayStation because the directions said that it needs to charge for at least 2 hours. it has been charging for WAY more than 2 hours and i can’t get it to work. Do i need to pair it with the PlayStation to get it to work, if so how do i do that? It says to hold the call button and a blue light will pop up saying that it is on, but i tried that so many times and it doesn’t work. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! i really want this to work i am trying to use it for the “little big planet” game. THANKS SO MUCH!

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  1. You probably need to hold down the power button a lil longer on the headset. The blue light turns it on, but you need it to be in pairing mode. It should be a solid blue light or maybe purple. After that, go to the XMB of the PS3, go to the “Settings” tab, then down into “Accessory Settings”, then down into “Manage Bluetooth Devices”. With your headset in pairing mode, follow the onscreen instructions and let the PS3 scan for your headset. When your headset is found, follow the prompts and enter a pass key (if necessary- the default is usually 0000 for all brands). The pairing should now be complete.

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