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Level 19 and Skyrim is not loading!?


Does anyone know how to fix this. It just keeps on loading for ages. Thanks to all who answer! (p.s. I’ve got and Xbox 360).

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  1. I’ll copy/paste from your other question on the same topic:

    Don’t worry, this is a common, known issue for Bethesda games. If you were to contact them about it, they’d tell you to do this, which works 99% of the time:

    Go ahead and go to the xbox dashboard. Now load up the game. As soon as the screen fades to black (ie, it’s starting to load from the disc or hard-drive if you have it saved there) press and hold the “A” button. Keep it held in until the Bethesda Softworks Logo comes up. You can now let go of “A”. Doing this is telling your xbox to clear the game’s cache.

    Due to Bethesda’s games being so large, once you rack up a large amount of gameplay hours, it will begin to run sluggish. The game is actually saving all places that you’ve been before, that way whenever you go there again, it can load them faster. If it’s got too much of this stored, you have the issue of it taking forever to load/freezing/etc. Again, it’s a known problem, and it’s a simple fix.

    After doing so, you’ll notice that your initial load time (after selecting your file) will take a little longer than usual. Again, this is normal. It’s going to take a bit longer to load since you’ve cleared it’s cache and it begins to create a new one.

    I can confirm this fix working for Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas (I’ve had this loading issue occur in all of them). Another thing to keep in mind is it’d be wise to install the game to the hard-drive.

  2. If you install skyrim on your hard drive your xbox will heat much less and skyrim will load a little faster. unfortunately my friend skyrim is known to have an extremely slow loading screen and patience is key to playing this game. sorry, but there is nothing wrong with your console. it’s really just the loading screen. trust me I have the game and I rage quit innumerable times x)

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