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Is this ps3 a good deal?


500 gb with Assassin’s Creed III for 299

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  1. @Jon, please forgive me, I accidentally gave you a thumbs down when I wanted to give you a thumbs up but my mouse moves a bit over and I clicked too fast.

    anyways, this ps3 has a 500GB hard drive. if you don’t know much about hard drives, then I will explain a bit. Hard drives store data like game saves, downloads, music, movies, ect.

    500GB is the storage capacity. Most HD movies use up about 6-10 GB at a time.

    So the larger hard drive is a better option, but you will also be paying more so you need to think about that too.

    here are some other ps3 prices with different games and different hard drives.

    [url is not allowed].

    here are some from gamestop.

    the word refurbished means that the consoles were broken and they fixed them. they usually are not a good thing to buy unless you don’t have much money. if you can afford it, then get a new one

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    i can break down why the price is the way it is for you.

    PS3s are usually $250, and games are usually $60 when they first come out

    a 500GB hard drive that will fit into a PS3 is usually $50.

    So yes, this is a really good deal IF you buy the whole package because you will be saving $60 from just buying them separately.

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