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is this a smart move by sony?


by making the 40gb ps3 to a 80gb? still with no backwards to the ps2.
Wii does have backwards capabilities

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  1. “Both the 360 and Wii don’t have backwards capabilities and look how well they have sold.”

    The Wii is fully BC with Gamecube games, and any XBox with a hard drive can be made partially BC with the XBox through a download.

    Let me put it this way: Last gen, the main reason I bought a PS2 was because it was BC with PS1 games. There were a lot of PS1 games I wanted to play, but not enough to justify buying a second console of the same generation. Plus, I like the idea of having a PS3 that can play PS2 games, for when my PS2 dies.

  2. Well unless they’re still going to have a model of PS3 with the backwards compatability, I think it’s pretty stupid. They should of just lowered the price of the current systems by $100, that would make them just like the xbox 360 and 360 elite, except cheaper

  3. Yes it was a smart move by Sony. Both the 360 and Wii don’t have backwards capabilities and look how well they have sold. Taking out backwards from the PS3 is going to help save money for Sony. Sony started out by making the PS3’s jam packed with features like backwards, wifi, and media slots but for a big price tag. When it went out on the market it did not sell as well as the 360 which has very few features but a smaller price tag. I guess people would rather pay less for an inferior product than spend just a little more for an overall better product.

  4. more memory i guess so. but it needs to play ps2 games. otherwise it’s going to make the transition from ps2 to ps3 harder. because then you need to buy a new line up of games just to even play with the ps3. and most games are $59.99 each. And the only game I’m willing to buy at that price is gta: 4. and that’s worth more than $59

  5. i do because who really cares about it like you buy a ps3 to play ps3 games not buy another huge system to play ps2 games and for people to pay the same price and get 40 more gb i think it is awesome GREAT JOB SONY

  6. No because if you want backwards compatibility, the go buy the one with it. Simple as that. But im glad they upgraded the hdd. Thats a smart move as 40 isnt gonna cut it anymore. Maybe next time they will update the 80 gb to perhaps 160 when prices for those hdds gets lower.

  7. I love SONY and i already have a PS3 40 GB so it wont affect me but i think it wasnt the smartest move because there are some classics that would be nice to play such as god of war final fantasy etc

  8. I dont’ know about it being a “smart” move, but I think it was a “necessary” move. Once they launched the movie – download/rent capacity on the PS store, they just HAD to start selling ps3’s with larger hd capacity, otherwise allowing people to download movies that are what, 5gb average on HD? (maybe even more) was a a pointless excursion. It’s like telling someone they can finally get on the treadmill for 5 hours without getting tired but then they won’t lose weight. Weird analogy, but I hope you catch what i’m saying.

  9. Personally, I think no. Especially since they don’t seem to have any plans to release a new version that still has backwards compatibility. I really think they’re underestimating the number of people who use that feature.

  10. yes because you get double the space for the same price but they still have the other 80gb that plays ps2 games and has all the extra stuff

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