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Is there such thing as an out of date modem for a ps3?


Casue i have this one: [url is not allowed]

And can’t connect to internet on my ps3 or psn.

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  1. It matters how you have it connected, if you have an ethernet cable going from your modem to the PS3, it matters what kind of IP your ISP gives you, if you have a dynamic IP and get an IP through DHCP then it could be a problem with your modem (dynamic IP means that your IP changes often, DHCP is a server that assigns an IP to online device without having to set it manually)

    If you have it connected the same way as above, but have a static IP instead, you will have to put in your IP address manually, your phone company should of sent you an email with your IP and subnet if you have a static IP, or have sent you a packet with your online information, go to the internet settings on your PS3 and type in your IP and subnet

    If you have a router, you may need to set up your router to work with your PS3, if you have your router set up to use static IPs, use an unused IP (usually 192.168.x.xxx behind a router) and use your subnet mask (usually behind a router)

    If you are behind a router and DHCP is set up, you shouldn’t have a problem, and you may want to have someboy to come out and take a look at it

    If you are not using a router, you should think about getting, preferrably a wireless router, then you can use your PS3 wirelessly

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