Home Playstation Forum is there ps3 demos for these games?

is there ps3 demos for these games?




call of duty

need for speed

medal of honer

because im thinking of getting ps3 slim 160 gb

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  1. Old demos of games that have been released are available. If you want demos for the newest versions of these games then they probably won’t be available until the games are closer to release.

  2. Yes.

    You have NBA, FIFA NfS, MoH and many other demos to try out on the PS3.

    PlayStation Store offers many PS3 demos for free, but the download speed isn’t very good, be patient if you will, i.e, if you want them.

  3. From the online PSN store you can get demos for this years FIFA, and last years COD (i.e. MW2), Need for speed and probably NBA (not 100% sure about that one).

    Demos for this years will probably come out closer to the games actual release.

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