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Is there no way to prevent this?


Hey! So I just bought a PS4 yesterday and as I am living in Australia, there is a lack of “unlimited” broadband options, let alone anything affordable! Not to mention my place shares a phone line with the house behind.

I saw that the PS4 will update games and the system itself automatically and also download game demos/free games and I have a huge fear that I will turn on my PS4 while using my iPhone to tether internet and be forever in debt to my provider because of these data chewing downloads. Can anyone please clear any confusion and if there’s an update or something that can fix or otherwise prevent this? I haven’t updated the console and haven’t even put it online yet!!

Strictly for PS4 owners. If you have Xbox don’t bother and if you are yet to get PS4, unless your info is legit don’t bother either please. Any answers not on topic or are unhelpful/spam (in line with answers guidelines) will be reported.

Thanks in advance to whoever can help me! I will give best answer to whoever can help the most!

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  1. well , since tethering the phone will never give you enough bandwidth to use the ps4 and it can only auto update if its online 24/7 that won’t be a problem , but if you are worried anyway just don’t get psn + or when not using the ps4 turn if off fully instead of leaving in standby mode , of course it will still update the next time you get online and try to play a game that has an update because that’s how it works but you can always disable the internet connection or turn auto updates off

    my advice is pay the cost and get the best internet you can , it costs more for unlimited but its worth every penny , imagine how much you’d pay going over a few GB in usage and then put that against the price of high speed broadband with unlimited or at least a high enough limit to not worry like 160GB per month

    as soon as you connect the ps4 it will update the system software ( file size is probably around 250mb ) but every game you play has to be updated and some will be over 1GB or even several GB for an update and every app you download including the psn store will have to be downloaded and updated too , in no time you’ll be at 3 or 4 GB usage and not even have played a game yet , when you start downloading the psn + free games thats several GB more and if they have a ps4 full game one game download can be 20 GB or more , even as high as 45GB

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