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Is there any way to fix my unreadable disc on Xbox?


A few months ago, my Xbox fell over with a game inside and made this really loud grinding sound. When I took out the game, there were some ring-shaped scratches around it. The Xbox wouldn’t even recognize that a disc was inside. But just recently, I took the game to get fixed, and now when I try to play it I get an error message that says “unreadable disc, clean with a soft cloth.” I’ve already cleaned it and tested it out a couple times, restarted my Xbox and tried again, but nothing has been working. Is there anything else I can do, or should I just go buy a new copy of the game?

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  1. Yeah, the same happened to my Black Ops disc, they are what are known as “laser burns”. The disc still works fine to this day, and whenever it says it’s unreadable, I take it out, breathe on it, and wipe it with my sleeve. Put it back in, and it works again. But if this method isn’t working for you, you might as well just buy the game again. I suggest you try CeX, if you have one where you live. Second-hand games are sold cheaply there, so replacing it won’t be a problem.

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