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Is there any way to connect 2 xbox 360 consoles to xbox live at the same time on 1 internet connection?


We have 2 xbox 360’s in our house and we both want to connect to xbox live at the same time, we have one wired and one wireless. When the wireless console is on live and we switch on the wired console the wireless gets disconnected but when we switch the wireless back on the wired still gets priority. We are with Virgin Media and are happy to buy another wireless adaptor if needed. Is this a problem with the consoles or the internet connection? Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. umm maby use 2 ethernet cable

    if your modem dont got more then one port call your internet serves and have them u bring u roluter or new modem with more ports

  2. It would depend on what kind of high speed modem they gave you. Some high speed internet companies give you a crappy modem where you can only used WIRED OR WIRELESS “alternating”.

    Call Virgin and tell them you want to hook up two Xbox 360’s to the highspeed and if your modem can support that.

    If they give you a stupid answer like “we don’t support xbox 360”. Just call back later and tell them you have a WIRED DESKTOP and a WIRELESS laptop and how do you get them both connected to the same modem.

  3. do not waste £60 on something you dont need, it does sound like conflicting IP addresses to me too. What you need to do, is turn on the wireless console and go to settings>network settings>edit settings>ip settings (top highlighted bar) now this is where it gets a bit complicated if you dont know what your doing. Change it to manual, then change your ip address to something over than the wired one (will need to compare to find out subnet mask and gateway) make sure you only change the last number, not the first 3 segments (of the ip address), then when youve made it the same as the wired console (except for the ip address part (make it a high number like.09) try connecting both at the same time. And if anybody has wrote this before me im reporting abuse lol i kid i kid

    guy above me may be right, my question is assuming you have a wireless router (may work with modem – worth a try)

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