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Is Playstation Network free?


I am considering purchasing a PS3, but I was wondering if the internet is free on it. Thank you!

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  1. ya theres no cost for playstaion network.i have a ps3 and its free but it does cost to buy movies or games from the playstaion store but i think demos for the most part r free to

  2. The cost of it is free

    only things u have to pay for are Downloadable content PS1 games and any other Games from the Playstation store, but u get that with any other console aswell

    So in short yes its free

  3. Checklist:

    Connecting to the Internet- Free

    Playing against others- Free

    An internet browser that comes with the system- Free and 360 doesn’t have it plus you have to pay for it now on wii

    DLC- some is free some is pay to play

    Demos- Free and unlike 360 which silver(people who can’t play online because they don’t pay for online but are considered XBL members) get it later then people who do pay (gold members), However some big demos appear first on Qore which is a monthly program which you can pay 2.99 a month or like 24.99 a year subscription for early access to demos and some betas along with behind the scenes info on stuff happening at sony

  4. You have to pay for the internet service, obviously, but access to the PlayStation Network is free. This allows you all the benefits of the Xbox Live Gold Membership, if you are familiar.

    You still have to pay for movies, shows, DLC, Add-Ons, Games (like arcade and down-loadable ones.)

    But there isn’t a subscription to the network or anything like that.

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