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Is my xbox 360 hacked or not?


I recently updated my Xbox 360 manually and my software got deleted i cant play burned games anymore does this mean i can go online? because i really want to play original games like gta v when it comes out.
And i didnt hack it my dad bought it from some guy years ago.
Update 2:
Can i delete my achievements and my profile and make a new one so there is a chance of baning me
Update 3:
not baning me*

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  1. sounds like it to me. If you have a Modded system and you are caught by xbox they “can” block you from online game play and from xbox live in general but it doesn’t mean they did. wait till you get a game you want to play online and try to and see if you can play keep in mind you need a gold account to play on line. I wouldn’t call customer service and ask because if they find out that it could have been modded they might block you.

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