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Is modern warfare 2 for the PS3 still worth buying to play online?


I am getting ready to purchase a ps3 and wanted to know if Modern Warfare 2 is worth buying to play online. Also what are some other games worth buying?

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  1. do NOT buy mw2 it is hacked to bits,, just like the other cod games mw & waw its not worth it,, you are better to buy black ops even though the multui-player is so rubbish it makes the game unplayable,, your getting killed when the bullets dont hit you,, its that bad,, but the zombies that makes it worth while,, but after 6 months of constant playing zombies it does get boring after a while,,

  2. No, just no. Forget about any CoD game for the PS3. Worst system you can own it on. If your looking for a good playable FPS for the PS3 BF3, Killzone3, bioshock2, even borderlands2 (coming out september 18th usa) would all be much better choices, but if your going to buy a cod game black ops still has the majority of the player base. The original MW is hacked to hell and unplayable, MW2 is ok but everyone there has been playing since launch, MW3 has all the kiddies and n00bz, but black ops is pure atm, geniounly good games.

  3. Yes but theyre is alot of hackers and it gets so annoying , they show weird messages on the screen and they threat you if you wanna report them , its kinda gay though get Black ops or mw3

  4. MW2 multiplayer gameplay experience is great so you can buy it.

    Also MW3 and Battlefield 3 have good multiplayer gameplay.

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