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is it true that play 2 and play 1 games cant be play in playstation 3 80 gigas?


is this true ill mean i have many play 2 games that i will still be using, or the games can only be played on 60 and 40 gigas ill mean play 2 or play one

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  1. the PS3 any hard drive size SHOULD be able to play previous Playstation one and Playstation two games.they SHOULD be compatible.

  2. The PS3 80GB will play about 80% percent of games and the 60GB will play about 99% because the 60GB has the emotion engine and the 80GB has the emulation software. But the 40GB will not play any PS1 or PS2 games. Get the 60GB if u still want to play all your ps2 games on ur ps3.

  3. No it’s not. They 80 gb uses software emulation and can play most ps2 and ps1 games. The 60 and 20 gb uses a hardware solution and can play all of them. The 40 gb is the only one which can’t play ps2 games but it can still play ps1 games.

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