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Is cloud storage better than local hard drive storage? (Xbox) Like, is it better to save it on cloud?


I only play Forza 4 and it has 6 months of hard work saved on my cloud drive. So I DO NOT want to lose it. And i heard that the hard drive is prone to corrupt data

Is it safer/better compared to saving in the local hard drive?

And are there any concerns regarding the cloud save feature?
And is cloud secure?
Update 2:
I always have a gold account so that wouldn’t be an issue

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  1. Well I have an Xbox to and I never save any memory in cloud because if ur Xbox live ran out I think that u wouldnt be able to access any data in it

  2. yes and no. it is true you could get corrupt data on your hard drive but rarely i have had an xbox for like 3 years and only had corrupt data once and that was from turning of my xbox when it was having a game update. but the cloud is better for transfering content to other xboxs so if your at your friends house and want your cars you will save it to the cloud.

  3. I personally don’t use the cloud but I have on other devices in the past and I prefer just the hard drive on the xbox. I have never used the cloud on xbox so I don’t know if it’s possible but if it is I recommend copying it to both so you have a back up if one or the other fails.

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