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I’m very frustrated and frightened!


I’m very frustrated and frightened cause there’s a new cell cpu that runs at 4.7GHZ,and the ps3’s cell runs at only 3.2GHZ,thus sony will be forced to release a new console that uses the new cell cpu or microsoft will use it for the xbox 720,thus I’m frightened!! I don’t want a new system till 2014,can sony or microsoft release a new console before 2013-2014?

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  1. If your frightened because your pocket book is going to get hit again I don’t think you need to be the old systems work despite the new ones coming out for sale. Heck I used Win98 up through last year with no ‘ill effects’.

  2. Actually, consoles are pretty content with being behind the computer curve, it’s just that computers are upgraded every few weeks, while consoles are upgraded every year or two. It’s illogical to think that consoles would even attempt to keep up with computers, so just don’t worry about it.

  3. That CPU is for new computers only. PS3 will use the same CPU. New PS3 CPUs are the same, for exception of lower power consumption (different nanomillimeter techs are being used). As for PS3 – the new one will be out (according to Sony) in 2013-2016. As for M$ – don’t know.

  4. I don’t honestly think that it matters that a computer is using a more powerful engine. I don’t want any new systems because I don’t want to spend $3,000 on a PS4, but I think that’s only for computers and they said that we wouldn’t be seeing any new consoles from 2014-2018.

  5. This is about the 3rd time I’ve seen this question.

    It is possible that there is a new CPU that is slightly more powerful than the Cell, each year there is newer and more updated technology; you could buy a computer with the newest tech and it would become obsolete in a week.

    However, the Cell is far from obsolete, as the PS3 is STILL a very advanced console because of the Cell Broadband Engine. Heck, it hasn’t even reached it’s full potential yet, so don’t talk about the PS4 yet.

    And. A console is a console, a computer is a computer, that new CPU is most likely for computers only

    Sony wouldn’t scrap the PS3 that easily, they’ve put so much money into making it, why would they scrap it because of a 1.5 Ghz difference?

    Trust me, it doesn’t make much of a difference

    And why are you frightened about this kind of stuff? Your life doesn’t depend on it, I’m sorry, but you’re a real coward

  6. GASP!. what does GHZ mean? o,0 I’m sure it wont effect your life to much and i don’t think a new system will be out before 2014 ether

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