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i want a new headset for ps3 and looking like a turtle beach?


i cant afford a real one but i want somthing like that so i was looking on ebay what one looks the best

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what one is the best

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  1. You can use any Bluetooth headset with the PS3. You’ll find better quality and prices if you get one made for cell phones. The ones ‘made for gaming’ are the same thing but you get to pay an extra $10 because the package says ‘made for PS3’.

    You can order one from the web from places like TigerDirect.com or Amazon.com. Or you can even get one from WalMart or BestBuy.

    The biggest thing you should look for is how it will fit an the type of ear bud it has. Remember, that thing will be sticking in your ear for hours at a time and you want to have something that will be comfortable.

  2. First one. um does it really matter? a headset’s a headset’s a headset. so anyway go with the first one it’s cheaper hehe ^^

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