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i want 2 download ps3 3 game torrents put on 8 gig mem stick and copy to hdd so i can play?will it work. thnx?


i want to download ps3 game torrents and play on ps3 system i downloaded them but i jst got alot of rar. files in them what do i do i kno it is possible just wanna kno the right way to do it help help help

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  1. can u please tell me what games they were? if they were games that were imposible to download it may be a virus most likely they are viruses becasue there is no way you can put your games from a flash drive to the system. seriously run a scan and delete the files.

  2. if you get your game files from the same place as me you get a piece of software included that allows you to convert the games to play on the PS3. You can even burn them to disc if you want.

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