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i think i have a virus on my ps3?


I think my playstation 3 has a virus. ive had been playing my brothers Grand Theft Auto 4 game for a while now and this past Christmas he got me my own it was used but i have been playing it online but ever sense i put it in my PS3 ive been having problems. the first time i put it in the whole system froze momentarily so i shrugged it off. but last week it knocked me back to level 3 and i just got to level 4. so i got back to level 4 and now it wont even let me in the game it freezes up when loading. but if it duse it kicks me off online play right when i get into the match. so do i have a virus or something else going on. ( disk not scratched ) and my connection to the PS network is above 20%.

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  1. Its impossible for a console to get a virus from playing online, it probably is the game but you never mentioned what happens when you play other games.

  2. Viruses do not exist for the PS3 yet for one thing and second you need to specify exactly how good your connection is (above 20% does not tell us anything useful). It sounds like you just have network problems, assuming the GTA servers are running fine (I have not played GTA online in a while, so I dunno).

  3. I know whats wrong because I have experienced problems similar to yours in the past.You mentioned that the PS3 that you got was used.Your PS3 is probably just defective.When ever a PS3 freezes for no apparent reason and the game doesn’t have anything wrong with it it is most likely a Blueray player issue.PS3s that have a bad Blueray are known to freeze and do other similar problems.It is also possible that you have a corrupt or missing file on your HDD.What I want you to do is set your PS3 to default setting.If that doesn’t work than put your ps3 in stand by mode(red Light) Hold the stand by button until it turns off again,after that hold it again.you should here one beep to let you know its coming on.then you should here another beep after that you should here a double beep that happens fast so listen carefully.You should see 5 options.Choose the 3rd one.If it continues not to work than google PS3 fix,send it to sony,or send it to gamestop if your still in policy.

  4. It sounds more like maybe there’s some problem with the game itself. Check the disc and see if it’s scratched or something? Blu-ray discs are tough to scratch, but it’s possible.

    If it’s dirty, try and clean it with a little water and a soft cloth, preferably something like microfiber.

  5. GTA IV had many freezing problems when it was released, but since you play online, you most likely downloaded the patches already. Your connection needs to be higher though, 20% is considered poor. Try to get closer to the wireless router or get a stronger router.

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