Home Xbox Forum i need help with my xbox wireless network adapter!!?

i need help with my xbox wireless network adapter!!?


I bought a wireless networking connection for my xbox 360. But when i came home and connected it to my xbox the light was red and it did not want to connect. When i went to network settings and edit settings and i wanted to press Wireless mode, i couldnt as it is gray and its impossible to press. PLEASE HELP ME AND TELL ME WHATS WRONG!!

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  1. make sure your wireless router is turned on i bought mine 3 months ago plugged it in and went to xbox live and clicked join xbox live then all the options were confirmed but then you will need your wireless network key to activate the adapter and your wireless network on your console

    hope this helps mate

  2. if the wireless mode section in un clickable then the wireless network is faulty. go exchange it. when you do,

    you will connect the new one. you will find the red light on it still. but then when you go to the wirless mode section you iwll fine that you can click on it.

    all you have to do is get your wirless security key. for your network. and enter it on this wirless mode section. and bam. you are connected.

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